Longarm Services

Long Arm Quilting Service:

Quilting Options:

The price listed is by the square inch.  You can get the square inch of the quilt by multiplying the quilt width by the length.  Common crib 36 x 40 = 1440 sq inches.   To calculate the approximate cost, Take 1440 sq inches x price per square inch.

Simple, All Over Quilting:  Begins at $.022 per square inch(minimum charge of $50.00)

This option is a single basic design stitched from edge to edge over the entire quilt without regard for seams.

Custom Border with Border to border fill:  Begins at $.035 per square inch (minimum charge of $65.00)

Semi or Light-Custom Quilting:  Begins at $.035 per square inch (minimum charge of $65.00)

Each Block quilted with a specific pattern


Custom Quilting:  Begins at $.045 per square inch

This option is where the blocks, borders and sashing is all set with individual designs.  This also includes stitch in the ditch and/or multiple borders with stitch in the ditch.

Heirloom Custom:  Begins at $.055 per square inch

One of a kind quilting for your special quilt


Additional Services: 

Pressing (backing and Quilt Top): $10.00 per item

Piecing Back, prepare fabric provided:  $20.00 per hr

Binding:  Price is based per linear inch, Width x 2 + Length x 2, the price is base on Binding that is provided in ready to use condition

Machine attached binding to front: .18 cents per linear inch

All other binding services:  making binding from supplied material, hand sewn binding to back:  $25.00 per hour.