T-Shirt Quilts

Customer T-shirt Quilt on the Gammill

Customer T-shirt Quilt on the Gammill

T-Shirt Quilts: 

T-shirt quilts are made using your T-shirts or any memorabilia such as sports jerseys, baby clothes, favorite jeans, etc.   The items are stabilized  sized to make a block.  The blocks are sewn together to make a custom quilts that can be made in any size.  For instance, 9 shirts will make a wall hanging 57×57, 12 shirts is a lap size quilt or 24 shirts will be a dorm size twin bed.  You choose the size; that is one of the many great things about custom T-shirt quilts.

The cost is based on the number of blocks in the quilt, the number of tshirt items within a each block and added sashing or no sashing. You can build a block with different elements of several T-shirts to equal 1 block.   The fabric around each block is called sashing.

Price per block 1 t-shirt element with sashing $14.00 per block

Price per block 1 t-shirt element without sashing $11.00 per block

The T-shirts are stabilized and pieced together, with or without sashing. The backing fabric, batting that goes between the top and backing, the binding and quilting is all included in the price.

Add Embroidery

You can add a quilt label to the back of your quilt, for pricing go to the Embroidery page.

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Eternal Flame quilting pattern

Eternal Flame quilting pattern